Short & Simple: Copywriting Tips for Mobile

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Writing for mobile is unlike any other form of copywriting. The very nature of the device (designed for use while people themselves are mobile) means that attention spans are short and screens are small. Both of these factors should influence your form, style, and approach to content. But you can still communicate effectively—sometimes even more so—through the mobile platform, if you keep these tips in mind (and because I’m a fan of alliteration, they all start with C):


Start by thinking about the message or story you are trying to tell. Are you featuring a new product or promoting an event? What is the one thing about that product or event that people need? If you’re a service provider, too, identify the primary benefit that will hook people. In other words, decide first what will convince your mobile visitors to keep reading.


Write explicit headlines that grab the interest of your mobile users immediately. Good headlines will succinctly draw readers in while alerting them to the kind of information that will follow. Optimized headlines will also help boost traffic to that mobile landing page.


Stick to short, powerful, direct sentences. For readers in line at the grocery store, or dashing from one appointment or meeting to the next, there’s no space or time for long, narrative content. You want to energize and engage your readers, not fatigue them. Also, there’s a lot to be said for instant gratification. If someone’s searching for something on their mobile device, they may need that information/product/service stat.


Brief content modules are the way to go so your information is easily digestible and scannable. If you’re using good imagery alongside your copy, you’ll find that short content is sufficient to tell a complete story. Make sure to include subheadings when introducing a new benefit, feature, or idea. They will shape and frame content therein, again, making it more scannable.


End with a strong call-to-action: There’s no space for fluff, so be as literal and direct as you can to get people to keep clicking. Think: Sign Up, Buy Now, Learn More, Download, Read, etc.

Understand that writing for mobile doesn’t mean sounding like a soulless robot. Infusing voice and liveliness into your content are both great ways to engage readers, regardless of the device. Just remember that fun copy can sometimes take up space, so consider your content goals first and make choices from there.

Take these tips to heart and you’ll create the kind of mobile content that will get your customers reading and clicking.

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